Join over 1,200 women from 48 global organisations covering 22 sectors of business and manage your female talent pipeline more effectively!

“RBS is delighted to have been involved in the Pearls Programme since its inception in 2011. Our numbers of Pearls have continued to grow year on year as we recognise the value of the Programme in supporting the retention of female talent and helping women through the perceived glass ceiling into more senior roles. Amongst the great feedback we receive, is the opportunity that the Programme gives the individuals to network with people right across RBS and so many other organisations in different sectors. ”

“The benefits are many, for the individuals, the organisation and for the female talent pipeline of UK corporates.”

The Royal Bank of Scotland

Participation in the Programme

Delivered through a combination of events, networking and online support, The Pearls Programme concentrates on addressing the three fundamental areas which our research has shown are key to resolving the leaking female talent pipeline of confidence, capabilities and contacts.

Each Pearl is required to attend a minimum of 2 events per year and is allocated 300 points to book events and webinars (each event costs 100 points and webinars cost 50 points).

Attending events gives Pearls the opportunity to meet like-minded business women and build contacts and networks.

Steps involved in coming on board…

We will support, guide and direct you to deliver the success of the programme, covering the following areas:

  • We will help you to make the business case and achieve executive buy-in.
  • We will identify the type of women suitable for the programme and help you to define the extent of the programme
  • We will liaise with you on effective deployment of the programme
  • We will support you on the continuing development of the programme throughout its duration

How much does it cost to become part of the Pearls Programme?

We have endeavoured to ensure that this is a cost effective programme that delivers what women need and what companies want to ensure that women within their organisation can realise their true potential and help to deliver a more effective performing organisation.

Please call us on 0845 862 7774 to speak about packages which will be suitable for you or your organisation.

Who else has active programmes?

Companies running The Pearls Programme as part of their talent management activites include:

Companies on board