Are you a woman with potential to reach senior management, executive or board level, but require support, direction and guidance to achieve this?

The Pearls Programme provides career support, direction and guidance for women in middle through to executive management through a programme of events, networking and on-line resources.

Many women on the programme are reporting tangible results within the first twelve months of joining.

Who is The Pearls Programme for?

The Pearls Programme is specifically designed for and supports women who:

  • are in middle to senior management
  • are recognised as future leaders
  • are at a transitional stage in their career
  • are seen as valuable assets that organisations need to retain and cultivate
  • have the drive and determination and potential to take their career to the next level

Why the need?

Our research identified that, compared to their male counterparts, there are three areas where women needed to strengthen and which could potentially be having an impact on their career progression and needed addressing.

  • Building
    and self belief

  • Recognising, understanding
    and growing

  • Developing
    and networks

  • Choice and Control

The Pearls Programme gives Choice and Control for women in their career progression.

Delivered through a combination of events, networking and online support, The Pearls Programme concentrates on addressing the three fundamental areas of Confidence, Capabilities and Contacts and helps to provide women with better Choice and Control over their chosen careers.

According to the OnePoll Survey (2013)

92% of British women suffer from confidence issue

49% felt they would be further
in their career if they were ‘freed of their self-doubt‘

Where do other Pearls come from?

The Pearls Programme has been adopted by organisations, from all sectors of business, who are passionate about fixing the leaking female talent pipeline and in retaining, cultivating and developing their female talent.

Companies on board