GEMS (Generating Experience through Mentoring)

Pearls are role models to the next generation of aspiring women and men.

As part of the programme, we encourage Pearls to identify a minimum of three GEMs from within their own organisation, regardless of gender, who are less senior than themselves and who are not directly involved in The Pearls Programme.

Lift as you Climb…

Shortly after attending a Pearls event, we ask that Pearls meet informally over a coffee for no more than an hour to talk about the subject matter and skill focus of the event, the speakers, key learnings and the people they met. The aim of this session is to help guide and inspire our future business leaders at an earlier stage in their career and to position the Pearl as a role model. We view this as a simple and informal “sharing of knowledge”.

The benefits of supporting the GEMs are three fold; to the individual Pearl, to the GEMs and also the organisation. Not only does it increase confidence and openness in the workplace but also cultivates an environment that allows the best talent to lead, regardless of gender.

What next?

Please don’t hesitate to email or give us a call on 0845 862 7774 if you feel that we can help you, as an individual or encourage your organisation to support you on The Pearls Programme or as a GEM.